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Feminization surgery of the face or body is the beginning of a vision for transgender patients.

It is not unusual to have undergone a life, or at least, a period of time of desiring to transition towards femininity. Because of this, often patients feel compelled to be led down a path of what constitutes a feminine appearance, taking strides to conform to a genetic female standard. In fact, there are surgeons who will attempt to promote conforming to a genetic standard for each patient that walks into their office. This has often lead to unnecessary sex reassignment surgery and self realization that maybe the patient underwent procedures that made their appearance less attractive despite either sex.

Each patient has her own subjective view of beauty, so Dr. Beck listens and provides options to satisfy her needs. He is also very forward with what is and isn't realistic. This comes from his depth of surgical training, experience and continued education. Imaging each patient and using this as a road map assists both the patient and doctor to arrive at a realistic goal that will make facial feminization and/or body feminization possible. What this accomplishes is a way to avoid unnecessary surgery and a realization that some of the characteristic of what makes the patient more feminine are the complete opposite of a genetic normal feminine face. Our philosophy is one of LISTENING to our patients and complementing their own beauty with enhancement surgery.

Leading By Example

Before declaring a specialty in medical school, I attended a seminar where a surgeon gave a slide show on plastic Surgery.

I was struck by the broad cross section of patients; ages, genders, concerns, desires and how their lives were forever changed. He was not just a surgeon fixing a problem.he was influencing mind and body at the same time. What other specialty could give such profound satisfaction? Right then, I knew I had to be a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Joel B. Beck M.D., FACS

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Dr. Beck has years of experience treating transgender and sex change surgery patients. He encourages interested individuals to contact his office for a confidential consultation.