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As you might expect, some form of anesthesia is required for all cosmetic Surgery procedures.

There are three methods of administering anesthesia: Local, which is injected by the surgeon; Local with intravenous sedation monitored by the anesthesiologist; and General Anesthesia where the patient is asleep and vital signs are constantly monitored. The complexity of the procedure(s) and the condition of your overall health will dictate which method is used. It is critical that you disclose any medications you are taking (prescription and over the counter,) former anesthesia reactions, and any medical conditions on our Health History questionnaire. The more we know about you, the better prepared we will be to offer you a safe, pleasant experience.

The person who administers your anesthesia is responsible for your comfort and safety during Surgery. At San Mateo Surgery Center you will be treated by the same anesthesia team used at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center. The anesthesiologists we use are all physician specialists, board certified in their specialty. We also use two certified nurse anesthetists who are intimately familiar with our techniques and provide outstanding care for our patients.

The evening before your Surgery, one of our team will call you to answer any questions regarding anesthesia. If you prefer to speak to the anesthesia provider at an earlier time, we will arrange this at your convenience.